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A couple of weeks ago Bekah and I headed out on a Best Friend Adventure to the Paw Paw Tunnel at the C&O Canal National Historical Park in Maryland. Thanks to TripAdvisor I learned about the tunnel. I read online to take flashlights to walk thu the tunnel…so we were prepared. Beak had the 3 flashlights and I had my camera, video camera, and the car keys. :)

We walked the mile path to the tunnel…the boarded up tunnel. When we saw it boarded up we backed out of going thru the tunnel. We decided to hike the path to the other side and work up the courage to walk back thru.
After taking some photos outside we finally decided just to do it! The other side was open and we thought “ahh, it doesn’t look that far”. We knew it was only about 3/4’s of a mile long.
Well it was the longest 3/4 of a mile I have ever walked! The flashlights weren’t much help and the creepiness really set it after we started walking. We kept saying that we should of took Danny with us. It took us about 14 minutes to make the journey. (I only know that because I video tapped the entire walk lol)
Almost out!!!
We made it out alive!!!
This view made it totally worth it…now the fun part, where is the path to hike back over the tunnel?
We were surrounded by rocks and a path that looked like it was never going to end. No cell phone service and no signs of life…we were starting to freak ourselves out a little.
We eventually found the path and made the strenuously 2 mile hike over the hill sides. I’m not an athletic person so I thought I was going to die walking up those steep hills. lol! We were never so happy to see the sign  that said we were at the highest point. Eventually we ended up at this point…  the view of the Potomac River and the town of Paw Paw, West Virgina.
And because we are dorks we stopped at this sign in Paw Paw, WV. No I don’t carry a tripod and there was never anybody around to take our photo together. I usually just set the camera down and set the timer. This shot is thanks to my photoshop knowledge because there was nothing to set the camera on. It’s such a cute adventure pic!
Then we wandered around Cumberland, Maryland after lunch at the Crabby Pig.
Another awesome adventure :)

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