Fort Ligonier Days | Best Friend Adventure

I have sooo much blogging to do but I thought I would take a break to share a best friend adventure with you. Last Saturday we went to the Fort Ligonier Days in Ligonier.  The adventure started off on a mini bridge adventure…(check out our past bridge adventures HERE!)

We were trapped on this bridge while waiting to cross route 30. There were soooo many people it was unbelievable!
Bekah chillin on the bridge…
While everyone waited for the parade to start we shopped. These three people had the perfect spot to watch the parade…
He greets you into the Main Exhibit Gallery on Main Street.
They  had giant acorns for sell…only $1,100 bucks.
The crowd waiting for the parade from inside the Main Exhibit Gallery…
We found cute hats…I believe if I still worked at the newspaper and we were going on assignments together again we would of def bought these to wear out and about while covering the news lol! I mean who wouldn’t take a reporter wearing a moose on their head seriously?…

Or a photog with owls on her head and hands?! lol!

Bekah calls the re-enactors “old fashioned people” …
Check out how adorable these lil guys are! We each bought one! Check out the artist on facebook at Haugh’s Crafted Creations.
Love all of the different items in the image…First you have “Old Fashioned Ladies” a McCormick Tractor, a Giant Eagle, an Army truck and an Army man directing traffic.
Dear all Bride and Grooms near Ligonier…I want to photograph you in this town!!! I found thousands of awesome shooting locations from our walk. Bekah is being a model because I HAD to have a shot of this garage! Oh and she is holding the greatest candy canes ever! I forgot to take a photo of them when we purchased them at the craft booth… so you should check out the artist on Facebook at Attikangel Ornaments. She has tons of cute stuff! And I’m sorry but a “craft show” is supposed to be items that people make…not buy from China and sell them in a booth! Support local artists!!!
Bekah snapped this one as I was attempting to drive out of the busy parking lot… she actually screamed when she first saw this lol! Someone likes Wheeling Island, but don’t forget “God Bless the USA”!
We have planned another adventure to actually visit Fort Ligonier…we ran outta time. :( But if you want to plan ahead for next year the festival dates are October 12,13, and 14, 2012.

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Bekah - I LOVE THE BLOG, and I really, really, really LOVE the giant acorn! One day I will have a yard FULL of acorns! :-)

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